House Renovations

Things happen quickly and I find myself in the midst of a renovation.  The workers are amazing and are aware of those details that make a difference.  We hope to move in by the new year!

Fragments of a Student's Day

Here are examples of the bits and pieces that one finds while teaching, hence the name: Fragments of a Student's Day

The Nike Race of Mexico City

NOVEMBER 11th is the day for the Nike 10k, so you should start training right away!

A shot from the venue and The Namesake

The movie of Nobuyoshi Araki was quite interesting. It made me nostalgic for Japan. Sometimes it seems so long ago that I lived there for two years. For aspiring or established photographers, the movie shows how an extremely successful photographer works and how immense his output is done. He has tremendous energy and is the forbearer of snappers like Terry Richardson and all the others who shoot naked people with flash.

The venue was quite amazing, the Polyforum Siqueiros, which is next the WTC in México City. The murals and shape and the moving spaces make for a interesting experience.

I saw another movie this weekend called The Namesake. As someone who is living in a foreign country and married to someone from a different country, I really identified. Bring a tissue when you go!

Porn? Erotica? Or, a Clever Cultural Statement?

Nobuyoshi Araki, the famed Japanese photographer, is the subject of a movie tomorrow.

What's in a place?

What makes a place/shop/restaurant/space special or memorable? These are the types of questions that I'm considering these days as I consider a new venture...This restaurant has elements that I like - cosiness, attention to detail and a nice inviting entrance. I've not been to the place, but I can imagine it. Do you think the food is good?

Visit to an ancient ruin...

I'm finally getting around to scanning some images (I want to get a digital SLR in a couple of months to more or less avoid this chore - and expense of buying and developing film. Is there any difference?) and here are a couple from Teotihaucan taken a couple of months ago.


The Mexico City Marathon is this Sunday, August 26th. Todo los corredores necesitan nuestra apoyo, entonces espero que hay mucho gente que van a ver la carrera este fin!

Stamps as Currency

As a small boy I started a stamp collection that was subsequently lost in a move from Hobart, Australia to Middletown, Pennsylvania. I came across this packet of stamps with visiting the Yúcatan Peninsula (a.k.a paradis) and remembered the beauty of a well designed 10cmx10cm piece of paper.

The Month of August

The Maya had (have) their own calendar and religous practice. This is their symbol for the month of August, which just happens to contain my birthday.

One of the New Seven Wonders

World's Tallest Man

I saw this and thought that it was quite interesting - it also upsets the stereotype of Asians being quite tiny.

Reuters/Sheng Li
Bao Xishun, a herdsman listed by the Guinness World Records as the tallest living man at seven-feet, nine-inches tall, walks with his bride, Xia Shujuan, at a park in Chifeng, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, on July 2, 2007. The couple was married in March and will hold a wedding ceremony in July.


Here is today's entry from my 'Art Now' desk calendar. (I got married this past weekend!)

Customization is a pretty thing

Denim jeans are an essential of each persons wardrobe and this article is an interesting take on the need to be individual in a globalized world. It is another example of the attention to detail that the Japanes possess.

Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead's new website is up and running. Check out for all things 'Dead' (and become nostalgic of a former era).

Trip to Patzcuaro

I recently took a short trip to Patzcuaro, Michoacan. It is a place dependent on tourist dollars and is struggling mightily.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This Thursday will be the opening of my exhibition at Conejo Blanco (Amsterdam 67, Condesa). If you can't make that evening, the exhibition will be up until July.


Mexico City recently held its art fair in the building site of a luxury apartment complex. Apparently, millions of dollars of art was bought. Galleries from Europe and the U.S. were well represented and seemed to be enjoying Mexico. Here is a montage of some of sights.



mr. jeremy told me the world would invision my writing. be prepared for his exposition in la condesa, a very fun place to be, and a place where jeremy clousers art will be shown and hopefully boughten by the ones who indeed know what true photography is. i would like to express a thought of solemnly love to the "world" reading my words and ebonics.....

with one click of a camera
one spark of a flash
a picture is taken
held by your hands
a photograph representing
life and much more
a photograph that lets you
open doors
to invision the progress
of life all around you
invision the colors
of minds that surround you
if you like taking pictures
and like making art
like looking at photos
of people and things
come to mr jeremy's exposition
may 3rd
and let the light of art

by; a very interesting person and a student in a school nearby,

Collected Names

I am known to collect bits and pieces of scrap paper and store them in the hope of one day turning them into a new context. Things with my name on it is one such item that I maintain (perhaps to confirm my identities).

Spencer Tunick in México

Spencer Tunick is coming to México. If you'd like to take part go to


Although Easter has come and gone, I felt the need to put this picture up for everyone to see and to feel safe.

4 years later...

The war in Iraq continues to be a festering wound in the world of international affairs. It leaves me to wonder why bad decisions are made. At a demostration against the war in London a few years ago I took this picture. It sums up the British sense of humor and passion (at least for tea) and my viewpoint about the war in Iraq.

Gabriel Orozco

Gabriel Orozco is fascinating Mexican Artist whose retrospective at the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City just closed.  The photos shown here are taken from that exhibition (without flash).  As Orozco's star shines ever brighter on the international art scene, he will probably be in a city near you in the not too distant future.  

(To everyone who visits this page, thank you.  Don't forget to check out the rest of the site and if you are so inclined give a shout out and site your sources.)

Sonic Youth in México City

Sonic Youth continue to tour the world, plying their trade on the world's stages. They were recently in México City to support their recent release "The Destroyed Room" (which features a Jeff Wall photograph on the cover). This is a picture of Kim Gordon.

The Gut-Wrenching of México

The discrepancies between rich and poor are always present in the daily life of México. As a foreigner from the United States this daily interaction with the poor is the biggest element of my 'culture shock'

European Union Flag of Mr. Rem Koolhaas

As the European Union expands it takes on new perspectives and identities - many of which are in conflict with each other. The man on the move, Rem Koolhaas, came up with this visualization, known as the 'barcode', to represent all the different shades of contemporary European flags. Simply put, I think it's aestethically pleasing, as did Austria, which used it for their logo for their presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Mapa de Mexico

I love maps. It makes the earth easy to swallow and you can travel to different places in a split second. This is a map of Mexico that I salvaged recently from sure destruction.

There's still dissension in the air

Mexico's contested presidential election of 2006 is still causing fissures in society. The recent protests over the price of tortillas and the president's (Felipe Calderon) crackdown (or stopgap measures) against the narcotrafficantes are examples of the political disagreements that exist in today's Mexico.

However, it is always interesting to see how 'everyday' people manifest their dislike or agreement with what's happening in society, so I was quite pleased when I came across this very original and creative way of demonstrating on a recent Sunday in front of the Palacio de Bellas Artes.

The caption in the picture reads: Be Careful! Don't Step on this Shit! The cleverness comes in the play on words by using the FE of Felipe and CAL of Calderon to create another meaning, in this fecal matter. Whether or not you agree with this sentiment is another matter.

Stencil Work

As a teacher, the students are constantly giving me ideas or making me look differently at certain things. One student is talented in stencil making and we were able to group it in the concept of contemporary handicraft.

Such is the learning process.

Melbourne Laneways

One of the most well known discussions of Australian culture is the comparing and contrasting of Sydney and Melbourne. Melbourne, which lacks the natural geographic splendour of Sydney compensates by promoting its 'urban culture' as more vibrant. The 'laneways' of downtown Melbourne are the physical spaces where this urban culture is incubated and many of them are covered in the global phenomenon known as 'street art'. I enjoy seeing and taking note of these ever-changing marks on the palimpsest of a city. The images that you see here are from the Melbourne laneways and respresent a specific moment of that city's being.

If you happen to be in Melbourne in the next month or so there is a festival going on in this spaces, check this link:


I spent the passing of 2006 into 2007 in Australia. It was a memorable trip and allowed me to explore the question of whether or not I'm 'really' Australian (I feel that I am). This set of images is from Sydney, a city blessed with an unique geographic setting and accompanying lifestyle.

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