December.16.2008 I'm going to Pennsylvania

I'm going to be in the U.S. for the next couple of weeks after an extended period of time away I'm not quite sure how it will be. There's a new president and congress didn't approve money for failed car companies, so things are all dire in the U.S. I'm going to try and post pictures from the U.S. during my time there. A homecoming diary of sorts. Stay tuned.

December.15.2008 Enclosed in a Science Classroom

December.14.2008 Bougainvillea

December.13.2008 I think I get the message

Sometimes I complain that in Mexico road signage is poor, but this image from Central Pennsylvania goes a bit far in the opposite direction.

December.12.2008 Woman in a small village north of Chang Mai, Thailand

December.11.2008 Looking North From the Top of Warmington Tower, Goldsmiths College, London

This was taken from atop the Warmington Tower on the Campus of Goldsmiths College, University of London. It looks north and you can see East London and the New Cross Sainsbury's!

December.10.2008 Nature takes precedence over architecture

In Japan it is common to find trees that are hundreds of years old and that have been shaped by generations of caretakers. This gives these 'natural sculptures' a significance that trumps the building of a house. It is one of the joys of living in a city when one comes across an instance such as this.

December.9.2008 St. Mark's Place, Venice, Italy

December.8.2008 Looking up through the sunroof

December.7.2008 Japanese House in Osaka That is Still Standing Despite Encroaching Large Buildings


Nature can't be stopped.

November.19.2008 México vs. Honduras

Let's hope Mexico can 'inflate' themselves enough to beat the Hondurans and go on to World Cup Glory.

November.14.2008 Yayoi Kusama, Tadao Ando & Art on Naoshima Island

(Click on the highlighted words for links to more information)

Shown above is an artwork by Yayoi Kusama on Naoshima Island. For art lovers this island is a must. Located in Southern Japan, it became an art destination through the desires of a weathly industrialist who needed an museum for his extensive art collection. So you do what anyone else would do and call up the famous architect, Tadao Ando to build a museum for you.

You can stay in the hotel, which has been built into the musuem or you can stay in Mongolian inspired 'yurts'. You can imagine which one is more expensive. In the end, you can see art all over the island and it is really quite relaxing and worth the journey.

November.13.2008 Examples of Dutch Architecture in Almere, Groningen, & Rotterdam

Here are some examples of Dutch Architecture. The first image is a bicycle parking station in the middle of Rotterdam. The second photo is from Groningen (I think). The last two are from the recent development of Almere, near Amsterdam. As you can see, there are similar characteristics in all the photos, water, flatness and allusions to the principles of modernism.

November.11.2008 Making Connections Through Photography

Circuito Interior at 18.30., A Sleeping Bag in Golden Gate Park, A Neighbors Wall, & an Urban Still Life.

October.31.2008 Looking At The Pacific Coast From a Road in Baja California

This image is taken from the Pacific Coast road in Baja California. It's an amazing landscape, the desert literally runs into the Pacific Ocean.

October.31.2008 Photographs of Tasmania & New South Wales, Australia

I am Australian, as my passport tells me. I don't live there though and there are long stretches of time in between my visits - like many Australians that have flung themselves around the world. However, the landscape is distinctive and unforgettable and my memory reminds me that the light is thin and casts everything in a quite contrasting glow. Growing up in 1980s Tasmania leaves a lastly impression on a bloke.

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