This is a collection of stickers that I recently found in a box while cleaning out the garage.  I love the no nonsense and straightforward graphic design of the stickers.  I believe that they were gathered in on an almost around the world trip in 1968.  I wonder if these hotels still exist...


A pinup girl from April, 1950.



An interesting postcard for a performance troupe in New York City from the late 60s.


A U2 ticket from Paris -2001.


This is taken from a brochure from the early 70s for a development project near Cuernavaca, Mexico.  

Below is the logo for the company promoting the project.  The sense of graphic design in the image can definitely be felt in today's visual culture.


This is taken from a 1969 edition of Moscow Today.  A newspaper sent around the world to extol the glories of the Soviet Union.  After reading it, I definitely felt like life was perfect under the Socialist Experiment.


An artefact from the simpler days of travel.


A piece of paper that states the obvious.  Jot - a word that is not used enough these days.


This is an interesting thing I found in a box.


I've been cleaning out a garage recently and I've come across some interesting items that demonstrate how much the world has changed over the years.  I'm not quite sure what this is, but it's from IBM...


This is another example from the project that I'm working on - Fragments of a Student's Day: Remnants Found at School.  I'm collecting refuse that I feel allows me, as a teacher and general observer, to gain entry into the minds of teenagers and in the process learn about what it's like to pass through adolescence and school - something we all go through.


This is an image by a woman named Stephanie Sinclair.  It won the Unicef photo of the year.  The series of images is  about Older Men marrying Young Girls.  The red color is very vibrant!


These are a couple of images from the Thomas Hirschhorn exhibit that is currently on show at the Rufino Tamayo Museum in Mexico City.


This image is a 'merge' of two photographs that were taken back in 2003.  It is was taken in Fukuoka, Japan.  It is in the Eastern part of the city and I imagine that it is now totally developed with shopping malls and apartment buildings.  


Today marks the 5th year anniversary of the Iraq war, so I think it is appropriate to renew the call for peace and hope that the people with the power (everyone) to bring it about do so!


I took this photo during the run-up to the Iraq war.  It's a photo from the TV.  I believe it's of weapons inspectors whose search yielded no fruit.


This is a photo of the Twin Towers taken from the Meadowlands of New Jersey.  I wish they were still there.


A clandestine shot taken in the Taipei airport.


Although Japan is often viewed as an egalitarian middle class society; there are still people who fall through the cracks.


This is a photo of a sunset taken from a moving bus in Fukuoka, Japan.  Color would have been nice on this one.


Shinjuku - Some would call it the heart of Tokyo.


I love photos of photos.


I love... from Bangkok, Thailand.


A street corner is Eastern Fukuoka - Maimatsubara.


Another image from the archive.  The middle of Tokyo some years ago now.


This image is from my first night in Tokyo. I believe it is Shinjuku. 



This is a photo from a Busan (Korea) market.  The guy was crawling along the ground, quite a memory.


A Japanese bathtub.  It's an unique experience.


This is an image from a box of recipes unearthed during our renovation.




Another shot from Tenerife.


This is a picture of my eye.  I've been thinking of getting Lasik surgery recently and have had my doubts.  Does anyone have any horror stories or of joy with the procedure?  

Also, it was recently found that all people with blue eyes can trace their ancestry back to a single individual! Click here



Un campo de futbol depues un practico.



Here are some images from a trip to Tenerife.


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