May.26.2008 The Beauty of a Mistake

Photography, or 'writing with light', is sometimes completely unpredictable and these two images are examples of that phenomenon.  These are images taken with an Holga camera and were over or under or improperly exposed - I really don't know, but I do like the result.

May.25.2008 Things on a desk collages

Collage is one of my favorite artistic mediums (perhaps because it doesn't require great drawing and painting skill).  I've been doing collages for as long as I can remember.  The ones below are made up of 'things' found on my desk.  (If you would like a personalized collage let me know and I'll get it in the mail to you).

May.24.2008 A tribute to those in uniform (UPTIGHT Magazine)

Serving in the military must be one of the most difficult things a person can do.  My father was in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War.  He never set foot in an actual theater of war (it must've been the glasses) but he did save this edition of UPTIGHT Magazine from Winter 1969.   Even though I believe that there is no such thing as a just war, I can understand that humans have a natural predilection towards violence and are inherently selfish and therefore the reaction of governments to form military entities.  

The front and back covers of the magazine are interesting because they juxtapose each other quite strikingly.  The Vietnamese mother and son are engaging in an everyday activity while two US Army men are up in a tree, in a foreign land, looking for something suspicious.  

May.23.2008 Another new photo project

This series is more inventively entitled: Remnants of A Party in Chapultepec Park.  Every weekend extended families make Chapultepec Park, in the middle of Mexico City, there place to have a family gathering.  These images will focus on what gets left behind after all the food and drink have been consumed.  

May.22.2008 A new photo project


This is an image from a series that I have just started compiling, entitled, not very originally: Home.  This is a popular topic for many photographers and I hope to add my take on the subject.  For me, it comes from a need to physically and visually connect with the place in which I'm living.  

May.21.2008 The Moon And Technology

The other morning I woke up with a sense of how amazing it is, this global society that humans have created.  And this photograph of the Apollo Lunar Module is an example of that achievement. It fills me with wonderment.  

However, as I read each day, if humanity and the earth are to survive, then humans need to drastically change the way we approach life and the way we live our everyday lives.  How do I buy carbon credits?

May.20.2008 Book Covers from Some Time Ago

Here are two examples of medical books from the mid 70s.  The simplicity of the design really appeals to me and the font of the top book is really quite playful.  Seeing these covers I get the sense that these ideas - simplicity, playfulness, including/using only what is necessary - are currently back in vogue, especially in the sense of sustainability in all areas of life.  It makes me wonder why they fell out of favor in the first place.

May.19.2008 The life of Pablo Picasso

Well, I'm back after a hiatus.  I blog because I want to provide lots of things for people to look at.  Today's post features the cover of David Douglas Duncan's Private World of Picasso.  This cover is from the first Spanish edition from 1958.  


Life sometimes throws things in our path that require all our attention.  We're (My wife and I) currently enduring one such moment.



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